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The dynamic new economy

Sharing a vision for a better world and allowing people to interact with trust and security built on blockchain technology

Blockchain was born out of an ethos which was to empower people and the activities required to conduct daily life. This vision of the future was to make daily life safer and more inclusive by removing the need for centralised entities which ultimately could be a single point of failure.

Blockchain’s key principles

While blockchain technology can be used in many areas of society, a blockchain solution generally holds to these key principles; tamperproof, transparency and trust.

  • Transparency — single, public ledger that can be read by everybody, in which everybody can write, but nobody can alter. In a world that is starting to demand greater accountability from our custodians this layer of transparency with security should be viewed in a positive light for business growth with enhanced integrity and ethics.
  • Trust — Digital assets are not stored on a central database but distributed across a global ledger using the highest level of cryptography. The ledger entry cannot be changed without the correct protocols thereby creating virtual trust without a centralised platform.

Algorand’s Pure Proof of Stake Blockchain Solution

The Pure Proof of Stake consensus offers a blockchain solution that is:

  • Open source
  • All users can participate in the consensus
  • Blocks are confirmed by voting
  • Every token carries the same voting power
  • No need to delegate or bond
  • Minimal compute required

Algorand and Enterprise

With security features built-in, speed to block finality, no forking and global scale, Algorand not only enables new entrants to participate in the economy on a macro-level without the need for a centralised product or company, but also enables legacy businesses to re-imagine their current business models. Thereby enabling new revenue generating solutions to be built on top of this foundational infrastructure blockchain technology.

Solutions built on Algorand’s blockchain technology

As you can see from the table below Algorand’s innovative blockchain enables participation from both individuals and enterprises in the emerging economy, using their blockchain technology and the secure applications that can be built on top.

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